Rabbit Rescue is a not-for-profit animal welfare organisation based in Perth. We rescue then re-home abandoned, mistreated and unwanted rabbits and guinea pigs. Rabbit Rescue was established because the local RSPCA shelter refuses to accept these small animals, resulting in them being abandoned or euthanised unneccessarily.

Most of the animals received at Rabbit Rescue are in poor condition, malnourished, distressed, sick or injured. We provide veterinary treatment and the compassionate care needed to return them to good health. Some of the animals are the victims of deliberate cruelty and require long-term rehabilitation.

We are struggling to cope with the number of abandoned and unwanted animals coming into our already overcrowded shelter. We are desperately in need of a larger, permanent residence. Our aim is to raise sufficient funds in order to purchase a suitable property that will accomodate a large number of rescued animals. We do not receive funding of any kind.

If you would like to help Rabbit Rescue, please consider sponsoring one of our permanent residents, or making a tax-deductible donation.

Please click here to view the rabbits we have available for adoption.

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