The majority of animals coming into our care require veterinary treatment. Most have been badly neglected, however some are the victims of deliberate abuse and require emergency veterinary attention. Veterinary treatment is our greatest expense. All donations are greatly appreciated and go directly to helping rabbits in need. Donations of $2.00 or more are tax-deductable. When making a donation, please print off our Donation Form and post it to us so that a receipt can be issued. Rabbit Rescue receives no funding of any kind.

Your donation helps rabbits like Domino, who was rescued from horrific conditions.

Rabbit Cages - Poor Conditions Donimo - Before Domino - After

Domino was rescued from a residential property illegally breeding rabbits for meat. His owner cut off his ears, hoping this would stop him fighting with the other rabbits. We provided immediate veterinary care and he gradually recovered from his ordeal. Although he remained earless, he was adopted by a loving family and now enjoys a happy life. Rabbit Rescue contacted the RSPCA who investigated this case.

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